Shaquille O'Neal On His Diet And 'Shaq 'N Cheese'

There aren't many people who can casually claim to eat 12 scrambled eggs as a snack, but no one would doubt it coming from Shaquille O'Neal. We caught up recently with the basketball superstar while he was promoting his partnership with Tupperware to benefit the Boys and Girls Club.

His secret these days is to keep up a healthy diet: "I eat a lot of salmon, eat a lot of salad, eat a lot of chicken." But he still won't cook for himself: "I have five sisters who cooked for me growing up — I protected them and they cooked for me. My mom still lives around the corner and makes my favorite dish, mac and cheese," he says.

On mention of the cheesy pasta dish, we tried to get the inside scoop on his recipe for the infamous Shaq 'n Cheese, but apparently even his mother won't share the deails with him: "She won't ever tell me. She'll just call me up and be like 'I made your favorite.'"

He also has a lot in his fridge, and his midnight snacks range from simple to full scrambles. If he's tired, then it's just a simple bowl of Frosted Flakes, if he's a bit hungrier he'll make a turkey sandiwich, and if he's particularly peckish he'll break out the pan and make a dozen eggs with cheese.

If a dozen eggs equals a snack, we wonder what a large meal would be? For more from Shaq, watch the video above from The Daily Meal Video Network. Shaq says it's the best, so you better get watching.