Man Attacks ATM For Free Jail Meal

A man who found himself traveling on foot through China without any money came up with a creative way to acquire a meal this week, and police found him trying to demolish an ATM in order to get arrested.

According to Shanghaiist, the 20-year-old culprit was trying to move to Shanghai to find a better-paying job when he ran out of money and decided to continue his journey on foot. He said he had left home with 100 yuan, or about $16, but ran out of money only part of the way to Shanghai. After skipping several meals, he figured that the only way to get something to eat was to get himself arrested so that he would be fed in prison.

Police caught the man on camera attempting to smash an ATM with a brick. For all his efforts, though, he only managed to damage the card slot on the ATM and did not really do any damage to the machine at all. When police heard about why he was attempting to break the machine, they took him to the police station and gave him some food. Afterwards they let him go so he could continue on his way to Shanghai.