Shanghai Gets Floating Sky Restaurant

Suspended restaurant opens in Shanghai
Facebook/Four Seasons Pudong Shanghai

The Shanghai Four Seasons' new suspended restaurant gives diners an excellent view while dangling them 50 meters in the air.

When people talk about an “elevated” dining experience, they normally refer to upgrades and attempts to make everything a little bit fancier, but a new restaurant in Shanghai is taking it literally and elevating its customers 50 meters into the air.

According to Shanghaiist, the Four Seasons Hotel in Shanghai offered 14 seatings of its new “sky restaurant,” starting June 27. For each meal, 22 customers sat around a long dining table that was slowly hoisted to a height of 50 meters with the help of an enormous crane. There, it rocked ominously while the diners enjoyed their expensive dinners and took a series of selfies. A 50-meter suspended restaurant does make for an excellent view.

Customers were reportedly buckled into their seats for safety before the restaurant was elevated. They were asked to leave small items behind to avoid accidentally dropping things on people below, but many apparently kept their cell phones for the aforementioned selfies.

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The sky restaurant did not give details about the menu, but guests reportedly paid between 1,800 and 8,888 yuan, or between $289 and $1414, per person. The restaurant was a temporary attraction, but the hotel says it will be back in Shanghai from September to October.