Shanghai Flying Saucer Revealed To Be Cakes On A Plane

An unidentified flying object spotted hovering over Shanghai this week turned out not to be an alien or a mini spy plane after all. It was a small, cake-delivering airplane.

The UFO had been seen making short trips back and forth over Shanghai's Huangpu River recently and had been photographed by curious observers who weren't sure what to make of the strange-looking aircraft. A close-up, however, revealed that the alien spacecraft was actually a large, remote-controlled helicopter attached to a delivery box from InCake, a pastry company specializing in high-end cakes. 

The bakery said it's been testing the mini helicopter as a new delivery option for its cakes, which range in price from 129 yuan to 189 yuan, or $21 to $30. According to China Daily, "The 'UFO,' which is 1.1 meters long and weighs 10 kilograms, crossed the Huangpu River in a 45-minute flight to deliver a cake to a customer, according to the bakery that was testing the device, which flies at a maximum height of 100 meters."

Food delivery services are not uncommon in Shanghai, but the press from the UFO sightings has certainly garnered some positive press for InCake, as some Shanghai residents think the flying UFO cakes is a pretty cool idea for a delivery service. Others, however, are not best pleased by the idea of having cakes dropped on them by a guy with a remote controlled airplane.

Shanghai does not currently have any regulations restricting the use of remote-controlled airplanes or helicopters for commercial deliveries, but it probably just hadn't occurred to anyone to address the issue it until now.