Shake Shack Opens in London

The chain’s first U.K. outpost is now open in Covent Garden

Shake Shack London

Shake Shack, which has locations all over the world, surprisingly has had no outposts in the United Kingdom, until now. The chain's first London location has opened in the city’s Covent Garden, according to a release.

When the doors opened on Friday at 10 a.m., Londoners finally learned what all the buzz has been about across the pond, and also have the opportunity to sample a few menu items that you can’t find anywhere else. Eater London toured the space and learned that the Shackmeister Sausage will top a traditional Cumberland pork sausage with a cheese sauce and beer-marinated shallots, and we must admit that we’re a little jealous.

There are also a few London-specific concretes, developed in partnership with St. JOHN Bakery and paul.a.young chocolates.  There’s the Union Shack, with chocolate custard, chocolate hazelnut brownie, fudge sauce, chocolate chunks, and sea salt; the Drury Lane Jam, with vanilla custard, local strawberry jam, brown sugar biscuit, and fresh banana; Sticky Toffee, with vanilla custard, chocolate toffee, chocolate chunks, salted caramel sauce, and malt powder; and the Big BlENd, with chocolate and vanilla custard, brown sugar biscuit, and chocolate hazelnut brownie.


The restaurant is located in Covent Garden’s historic Market Building, near the Royal Opera House. Click here to see all of Shake Shack's location-specific menu items.