Sex Cereal: Because We All Look Our Best In The Morning

With its blatant name and one-of-a-kind packaging, Sex Cereal is the newest (and strangest) item sitting on the shelves of Canadian supermarkets.

Canadian entrepreneur Peter Ehrlich came up with the idea to design "the world's first and only gender-based whole food cereal" during a morning walk through a vegan market in the summer of 2011. He then decided to go with his instinct and reached out to the right resources to help develop his product that would be sold two years later. Now that's quite the idea to get during your morning stroll.

"And then, like The Big Bang, it hit me," Ehrlich explains on the cereal's website. "If I could produce a food where the ingredients are directly connected to gender and if it focused on sexual health and breakfast, the product would connect with lots of consumers. After all, who doesn't eat cereal? And who doesn't like sex?"

In order to turn his vision into reality, Ehrlich decided to design two different cereals with specific "libido-boosting" ingredients for men and women. The "Sex Cereal for Her" claims to balance female hormone levels with a variety of ingredients such as ginger, the root known for increasing "lustful yearnings" and increasing sex drive; almonds, the nut that supposedly increases passion and aids with fertility; and oat bran, a key ingredient which supports the "elimination" of excess estrogen. The "Sex Cereal for Him" claims to upkeep testosterone levels with ingredients including bee pollen, the "super food" that supports sperm count, endurance, and sex drive; pumpkin seeds, which apparently "pump the prostate with zinc;" and Goji berries, which apparently boost testosterone levels. Each cereal is sold in gender-precise packaging with a very attractive man holding a big spoon on the Sex Cereal for men packaging, and a Marilyn Monroe look-alike with a bowl of cereal on the women's package.

Even though Sex Cereal was launched in June 2012, it is just now beginning to get its intended publicity. Over the past week, the libido-boosting cereal has gained exposure on a sensual episode of LIVE with Kelly and Michael, where they refer to the new cereal "horny-o's" and on Anderson Cooper's RidicuList where he nicknamed the new line of cereal "porn flakes." So, the real question is, does this cereal actually deserve such titles?

Dietician and writer for Self Magazine Keri Gans reported that she did not think the cereal was equipped to boost libido. "I don't think this cereal is going to enhance anyone's sex life (and with 200 calories per 3/8 cup serving, more is definitely not better), it does have lots of healthy ingredients, plus one serving has 5 grams of fiber and 6 grams of protein," she explained.

In contrast to Gans' point, the testimonials on Sex Cereal's website have exposed some very satisfied customers giving a little too much information.

"Maybe I'm just imagining things, but I have to say, it seems that there's an enhanced spark when I kiss my wife lol. Please don't publish my name," a man from Edmonton, Alberta, said of the new cereal. Another person stated that they have better sex after breakfast, and someone else put it straight and simple by stating, "It works."

There's no doubt that Sex Cereal is the most provocative cereal on the shelf, but whether or not it works, is up to you.

Skyler Bouchard is a junior writer at the Daily Meal. Follow her on twitter at @skylerbouchard.