7 Tons of Crab Spilled on Utah Freeway

Crews are cleaning up $176,000 of spilled seafood

Cleanup crews are trying to sweep up a $176,000 mess after a seafood truck spilled more than 7 tons of frozen crab on a Utah freeway early Friday morning.

According to CBS, the truck was carrying 75,000 pounds of frozen crabmeat when the driver miscalculated a turn on an off-ramp near Salt Lake City, causing the whole truck to overturn. As it rolled sideways, the truck hit the guardrail and then a sign post, which tore through the roof of the truck’s trailer. The post effectively cut a giant seam in the top of the semi, and all the seafood just started spilling out.

Todd Johnson of the Utah Highway Patrol said it looked like the truck's driver miscalculated a turn and over-steered to the right, causing the accident. Luckily nobody was seriously injured, though the truck driver and a passenger were taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

This is not even the first giant seafood spill to go down in Utah, Johnson said. About 15 years ago a smaller truck had a similar accident and dumped a slightly smaller but still quite sizable mess of seafood onto a Utah highway.


If cleaned up quickly enough, some of that frozen crab might make a dumpster diver’s dreams come true. Check out some of our best crab recipes for preparation ideas.