A Serving Board From Nature

The cheese plate. It's a cocktail or dinner party staple that is easy to assemble, doesn't require time in the oven or on the stove, and allows guests to help themselves to whatever they please. Plus, cheese on crackers is a perfect match for a glass of wine. But do you have decorative plates or boards on hand for serving cheese?

While most serve cheese on a flat-rimmed plate, if you entertain often, invest in a flat board specifically for serving cheese. Look for one that is both easy to clean and beautiful, something like you might fine at a fine restaurant.

We recently discovered these beautiful slate cheeseboards from Brooklyn Slate Company that have been crafted from reclaimed slate roofing tiles. While they make boards in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from coaster-sized to 10-by-14-inches, we find their 5-by-18-inch "special edition" board perfect for entertaining. It's sized right for three different kinds of cheese and is both food and dishwasher-safe. Plus, it comes with a piece of soapstone for identifying what's being served right on the board.

Even if you don't serve cheese often, the slate boards are good for serving a dish of hot spinach and artichoke dip, along with a couple slices of baguette, or an array of fresh tomato bruschetta. Or, do as one of the founders, Kristy, does, and create your own raw bar with a 10-by-14-inch board. She "chilled the slate — and it keeps cold for a long time, so the ice didn't melt — and then packed a mound of ice on it and placed the oysters on the half shell on top." Pretty versatile. (Photo courtesy of Brooklyn Slate Company)

Wondering what cheese to serve on your slate?

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Watch this video to learn more about Brooklyn Slate Company and where their slate comes from.

 Credit: CamLin Productions