Serial Dine-and-Dasher Arrested in Reno, With Help from Facebook

Saul Zelaznog was outed on Facebook after skipping out on his bill

When Saul Zelaznog’s friends settled up their bar tabs at the Brewer’s Cabinet in Reno, Nev., Zelaznog told the server that he forgot his wallet and left shortly afterwards, without paying. 10 years ago, the restaurant would have had no way to track down the dine-and-dasher, but thanks to the magic of Facebook, Zelaznog was tracked down and arrested, and it turns out that this isn’t the first time he’s ditched out on a bar tab.

After Zelaznog left, workers at the restaurant were able to track down a photo of him, and they posted it to their Facebook page along with a link to his profile, according to the AP. He became the subject of much derision online.

“You could tell him that visiting restaurants with your friends, running up a huge bill, roughing up servers and then bailing is pretty uncool ... pathetic, really," the post said. "Get a life, man."

The post was shared 800 times, helping to track down his identity. It turns out that at least three other bars and restaurants in the area had similar experiences with him.

The restaurant returned to Facebook after Zelaznog was nabbed, to thank those who had helped track him down.

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"We hope that all of his outstanding debts are paid in time," they wrote, "but more importantly, that he makes wiser decisions in the future."