Serena Williams Regrets Tasting Her Pet's Fancy Dog Food

Fancy dog and cat food for the world's poshest pets has been a big trend lately, and it's getting so that high-end dog food often looks like a gourmet meal for humans. It's not, though, which tennis champion Serena Williams says she discovered last week when she tasted her dog's ultra-gourmet pet meal and got sick.

According to CNN, Williams is in Rome for the Italian Open, and she ordered one of the hotel's high-end dog food options for her three-year-old Yorkshire terrier. The salmon and rice cost $17, and when it arrived it looked so much like a gourmet human meal that Williams decided to taste it.

"Before you judge me, look at it," Williams said, posting a photo of the salmon and rice dish to Snapchat to show that it really did just look like a bowl of fresh salmon and rice. ""Come on. It looks good. In fact when I take the food to go, they give me the same food package. It comes with the expensive looking spoon. I'm like, 'What the heck? I'm going to try a piece.'"

But Williams came to regret that decision quickly. Not only did it taste "like house cleaner," but she said she was sick for several hours afterwards. The dog loved it, though.

The bout of dog-food poisoning did not appear to affect Williams' tennis, though, because she was able to compete in and win her next scheduled match.