Semilla: Unique Takes on French Cuisine

Unique Takes on French Cuisine

With exposed piping and air-conditioning vents, Semilla gives off a vibe of a loft, preparing their food in a very open kitchen. You can experience it, if you can find it; the gem has a very small street sign, confusing eager restaurant-goers.

Semilla honors French cooking by doing traditional French food extremely well, like fish cooked to perfection and a duck burger. Their lunch menu is prix-fix and prepared and tested by the chefs before they reveal it to diners to make sure it is up to par, which limits options, but definitely heightens quality.

The turbot, a flat fish, is cooked in butter and served with vegetables, their ceviche is an interesting interpretation, with trout, passion and citrus fruit, and the champignon mushroom ravioli is decadent and filling. Their take on polenta serves it with vegetables and beets, and the pork belly is presented with with caramelized shallots. Overall, Semilla is a hidden but necessary restaurant to dine at in Paris.