Reintroducing The HotCan, The Self-Heating Food

That's right, there's a food product out there that heats itself up, no microwave or oven required. And even though HotCan has existed in the U.K. for nearly 30 years, the general public has remained unaware of this cutting-edge product until now. The company is revamping its image and launching a promotional campaign in an attempt to infuse HotCan with a new sense of life. 

So how does it work exactly? Pop off the lid, use the key to poke three holes in the space-age insulation pouch that's surrounding the tin of food inside, then open the tin and wait about 10 minutes for it to heat up. The flavors include beans and meatballs, chicken curry, cheese ravioli, spicy beef pasta, and many more. 

For now, HotCan will stick to conquering the market in the U.K., but with any luck Americans will have the opportunity to try out this nifty, futuristic product very soon.