Seinfeld's Soup Nazi in Legal Battle

New York's Original Soup Man is caught up in a legal dispute

Seinfeld may have made Al Yeganeh famous as the New York soup maker with the catchphrase "No soup for you!," but now Yeganeh is caught in a legal battle between "The Original SoupMan" and creditors for Soup Kitchen International (SKI).

The story: SKI originally owned the landmark soup restaurant in Manhattan, but SKI is now bankrupt. SKI creditors, meanwhile, say they were forced out of the business by the new owners, who bought the rights from SKI at bargain prices, Yeganeh's recipes included.

The lawsuit alleges that one of the current managers, Sebastian "Seb" Rametta, seized the licensing deal in 2009 from SKI without the knowledge of some shareholders.

Meanwhile, Rametta denies the allegations, and the New York Post reports that Yeganeh has yet to speak out about which side he's on. Rametta originally convinced Yeganeh to license the brand in 2004.

Jessica Chou is an Associate Editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @jesschou.