Secret Starbucks to Open in New York City Macy's

The 'stealth' coffee shop will be devoid of Starbucks branding, but serve the chain's coffee

No, it's not a Starbucks with a secret menu — it's an entirely secretive Starbucks. Grubstreet and The Huffington Post have unveiled the coffee company's newest store that really isn't a Starbucks at all.

Set to open in the Herald Square Macy's in New York City, the "stealth" Starbucks will be dubbed the Herald Square Café. It won't have any of its usual branded décor or signs, and gone are the Frappuccinos — this Starbucks will serve its high-end reserve coffee from Clover Brewing Systems, as well as champagne, wine, and chocolate. Said Starbucks spokesman Zack Hutson to The Huffington Post, the store will be "different than anything we've done before."

Starbucks' most widely known "stealth" or mercantile store is lcoated in Seattle, called the Roy Street Coffee and Tea. HuffPo notes its wide pour-over coffee, wine, and local beer selection, as well as its "rustic chic" décor. The Roy Street location also has "coffee and tea cuppings" every day, plus musical performances and art exhibits. However, Hutson noted that the forthcoming Herald Square shop will be an entirely different experience, targeted at Macy's shoppers (notably the shoe fanatics — it will be located by the second floor women's shoe department).