Starbucks Barista Saves Customer From Embarrassment With Secret Cup Message

A Starbucks cup may be an underutilized means of communication. Usually they spell out only a person's name and beverage choice, with maybe a smiley face or two added for the sake of cheeriness, but this weekend a Starbucks customer in Japan was saved from certain embarrassment by a secret note a barista left on his cup.

According to RocketNews24, when a Japanese Twitter user going by Testurooo stopped by his Starbucks to get a beverage, he suspected nothing amiss about his attire. But when he got his drink, which looks like some type of sweet, coffeeless Frapuccino, he noticed that the barista had written a useful little message on the side: "Your fly is open." The barista also included three friendly smiley faces to ease the embarrassment of the situation.

The customer was apparently very grateful for the heads-up, and posted a photo of the note to Twitter.

"Starbucks has been very nice to me lately," he wrote, according to RocketNews24.

It was a pretty helpful gesture on the part of the barista. It could have been awkward or embarrassing to tell a customer that his fly was open in a crowded cafe full of people who could overhear, but the cup message was a nice and subtle way to let him know. A hand or a cup sleeve could conveniently cover up the message if the customer didn't want anyone to see it later, after he'd fixed the problem.