Secret Menus: Chick-Fil-A



Buffalo Chicken Sandwich


Do you order the hottest sauce for your wings at the bar? Then order a spicy chicken sandwich and ask them to add buffalo sauce.


Fried Chicken Club


Short on calories today? Order a chicken club off their menu and ask if they can swap a char-broiled chicken for the fried one.


“Free” IceDream


If you like to order kids meals to save some calories but end up throwing out the cheap toys, next time ask to replace that toy with a FREE ice cream cone. Did I mention it was FREE?


Root Beer Float

$2.19 and up

Can’t get to the local sock hop? Order a root beer, but ask them to add some vanilla ice cream for this classic American treat.


Spicy Char (*limited locations)


Spice up your life with this hot twist to the original char-broiled chicken sandwich. Just ask for a spicy chargrilled patty instead.


Chicken Quesadilla (*limited locations)


Can’t decide if you want Mexican or Chick-Fil-A for dinner? Get both! Ask if they can make a chicken quesadilla. They take one of their chargrilled fillets, slice it, put it between a whole grain wrap and then add cheese.

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