Seattle’s Hotel Vintage Showcases Washington Wine

The recently renovated hotel features wine-themed décor and 'Wine Hour'

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

Guests enjoy Wine Hour at Hotel Vintage.

Oenophiles visiting Seattle will quickly fall in love with Kimpton’s recently renovated Hotel Vintage. The hotel (formerly the Hotel Vintage Park) has been redesigned to reflect Washington State’s important role as the second largest wine producer in the country—down to the lobby filled with bottles of wine and quotes about wine on the walls. Guests also enjoy the hotel’s daily reception, where they can sample complimentary local vino and small bites during the evening in the lobby.

Hotel Vintage recently hosted me on a trip I took to Seattle, and there are plenty of things to adore about this spot. The little details really brought the theme to life without feeling overwhelming. The hallway outside my room even featured a map of popular Washington wineries. But my favorite feature of my light-filled room with a gorgeous view of the public library was by far the comfy plush purple couch that reminded me of a deep red wine. The cork headboard, with each piece “stained” in a wine color, behind the bed was another wonderful addition—and something you’ll dream about having in your own home.

In addition to the wine-themed décor throughout the hotel, there’s a sign in the elevator proclaiming that guests shouldn’t leave until they try the on-site restaurant Tulio’s sweet potato gnocchi, and I agree wholeheartedly. The restaurant’s creative take on this classic Italian dish was sweet, hearty and downright delicious. Made with sage butter and mascarpone, it tasted like a dish that belonged on a Thanksgiving table, but one that felt right at home at this bustling spot. I also loved the warmth of this entrée and the way dynamic flavors balanced each other out."My favorite wine of the night was an impossibly smooth red from Washington State’s noted Red Mountain region."

This being Seattle, all of the fish dishes were amazing. I really enjoyed the special of the night—a lightly seared and tender ahi tuna draped over cous cous and arugula. The rich crab ravioli with lobster oil, tobiko and herbs was another highlight here. Going along with the wine theme, the restaurant also stocks an impressively long list of offerings. My favorite wine of the night was an impossibly smooth red from Washington State’s noted Red Mountain region. Lastly, you must order the semifreddo. According to the chefs working that night, it’s never been sent back, and I can see why. Diners will love the smooth, creamy half-frozen pistachio cream, orange essence, shaved chocolate—even after a very long (and enjoyable) night of eating, I still found room to finish every last bite of this sweet and light dessert.

Wine and food lovers passing through Seattle may want to consider staying at Hotel Vintage. You’re bound to find something you just adore about the place.

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