Seattle College Student Wins Modernist Cuisine Party Contest

When Seattle Weekly ran their 'Dorm Room Dinner' contest, critic Hanna Raskin may not have expected to see a salmon entrée prepared sous vide by way of a plastic cooler, microwave and sink. Seattle University sophomore James Cashman, a film studies and creative writing major, impressed Raskin and her crew not only with his vacuum cooking Franken-machine, but by using all five of the suggested ingredients of "favorite college foods".

A victor with considerable spoils, Cashman wins a Modernist Cuisine dinner party for eight, a copy of Modernist Cuisine at Home, a PolyScience Smoking Gun and Sous Vide Professional CREATIIVE Series immersion circulator and an iSi Whipping Siphon so that he can foam with the best of them.

Modernist Cuisine at Home, the much buzzed-about follow-up cookbook from Nathan Myhrvold and Maxime Bilet, encompasses nearly 400 recipes that use modernist techniques to show-stopping effect. The book also includes ways to achieve 6 different cooking techniques via microwaves.