Seattle Bar Bans Google Glasses (Before They're Even Sold)

This is quite possibly the sassiest ban we've ever seen

We've heard of a lot of silly bans at coffee shops and bars (Instagram bans, stroller bans, cream and sugar bans), but the rant from Seattle's 5 Point Café might top them all — by banning Google Glasses before the glasses have even been stocked on shelves. 

The bar first posted the ban on Facebook, which the owner admitted was partly a joke, but at heart a serious look at privacy in bars. "Part of this is a joke, to be funny on Facebook and get a reaction," said owner Dave Meinert in an interview with "... But part of it is serious because we don't let people film other people or take photos unwanted of other people in the bar because it's kind of a private place people go." The follow-ups to people's reactions on Facebook definitely took on a sassier tone, though: 

"We've had a lot of questions about Google 'Glasses'. Well don't buy into Googles 'sexy' imaging promotion of their new Google Glasses. They are really just the new fashion accessory for the fanny pack & never removed Bluetooth headset wearing set. What they really look like and who will use them below."

And then: 

"Sorry for another post on Google Glasses, but I have to address some of the people mad about our Google Glass ban. Look at this photo [a photo of someone wearing Google glasses and hanging out wth Sarah Jessica Parker]. C'mon, really? If nothing else, we're saving you from looking like a complete idiot in public. You'll be thankful in a few years when your kids grow up and don't have to see photos of you wearing these ridiculous things. But then if you wear these things your chance of having children will go way down. Eh, so maybe they'll be good for population control..."


Some strong opinions there. But of course, as Ars Technica and Geekwire point out, there's no ban for recording with smartphones at the bar — and 5 Point Café, which Meinert called "sometimes seedy, maybe notorious place," has surveillance cameras installed. Moral of the story: watch yourself at the bar. You never know if you're on candid camera.