Google Brings Restaurant Search To The Next Level

Just when we thought Google couldn't get any crazier, they've impressed us once again. The search engine/global superpower has now transformed the way people can search the Internet for their next meals. Formally announced on Google+ blog and via Twitter, this new format is now available on your desktop and features an interactive carousel with restaurants around your location when you search for them.   

By searching for something as broad as 'Mexican restaurants,' Google will discover your location and display images of matching businesses nearby on a carousel that appears at the top of the search page. Once you click on a specific image, it goes into more details about the restaurant, like its address, relevant photos and even reviews with their scores. And if you're not interested in the first options that appear, there's an arrow on the right to scroll through every match.

This feature was first introduced to the iPad and other tablets in December of last year, with a horizontal grid displaying venues near your location like restaurants, bars, and spas. However, it's not just the restaurant search getting a makeover: Google has altered the look of hotel and other local venue searches as well. Experience it for yourself!