Sean MacPherson To Open Cool New Ludlow Hotel On NYC's Lower East Side

Sean MacPherson has a kind of magic touch when it comes to hotels and restaurants; every property he opens instantly becomes the hottest place in town and stays that way. Now the man behind the Bowery Hotel, Jane Hotel, Waverly Inn, Swingers, Jones, and El Carmen is opening a new boutique hotel in New York's Lower East Side.

The Ludlow is slated to host its first guests in June on Ludlow St., a once gritty but now mostly gentrified neighborhood. MacPherson is partnering with developers Ira Drukier and Richard Born, backers of Robert Deniro's Greenwich Hotel and the famed Mercer Hotel among others, on the new project. Formerly an abandoned building, the new hotel will have 184 rooms including 20 plush suites. It will also be home to Dirty French, a restaurant from the owners of Torrisi, Parm, Carbone, and ZZ's Clam Bar.