Dublin Seafood Restaurant’s Most Reliable Customer Is a Hungry Seal

A full-grown seal crosses the road every day to see if a restaurant has fish for him

Wikimedia/B. Navez

A seal has been visiting The Lighthouse Seafood Restaurant in Dublin at least three times a day looking for snacks, and he often gets them.

The Lighthouse Seafood Restaurant in Dublin has some devoted local customers, but nobody loves it quite as much as a seal that climbs out of the ocean and crosses the road at least three times a day to beg for food.

According to the Deccan Chronicle, the seal has been nicknamed Sammy the Seal, and he lives in the Howth Harbor across the road from the Dublin restaurant. He has a pretty good racket going with the restaurant, because he’s figured out that if he goes and barks by the door long enough, he might get some fish. Often the restaurant tries to shoo him away, but sometimes the restaurant finds it faster just to give him the fish so he’ll go away. In a video that has been making the rounds this week, the seal makes puppy-dog eyes at the restaurant’s owner, who tries to fend him off with a chair for a good while before the man finally caves.

“Move on,” the man says in a YouTube video. “Come on please, back in the water. Sammy go home.”


Finally, the man tosses the fish into the water, and the seal follows it back into the water. The bribe did not buy much time, though, because Sammy was back a minute later waiting for more.