Seafood Sellers in China Caught Lifting Shrimp from Sewers

Discarded sewer shrimp served up as “shrimp balls”
Pile of shrimp

Wikimedia/Raphael Ortega Diaz

Internet users in China were horrified by photos showing seafood vendors scavenging discarded shrimp from the sewers to serve.

Every day we put a lot of trust in the people who produce, distribute, and sell our food. At any step along the way, someone could try to cut corners to save some money, and we’d probably never know. This week Internet users in China were horrified to see photographic evidence of some seafood sellers scavenging discarded shrimp and fish from the sewers to serve to unsuspecting customers.

According to Shanghaiist, it’s not uncommon for there to be shrimp waste at the markets in Wuhan, China. The waste shrimp fall into the sewers and theoretically that would be the last anyone would hear of them, but some seafood vendors were photographed “rescuing” the discarded shrimp, rinsing them off at a public toilet, then mixing them up with other fish and seafood to be made into “shrimp balls.”

Shrimp balls can be purchased from any number of street food vendors, and it’d be virtually impossible for a customer to know if a snack was clean and fresh, or if it was made of sewer shrimp on the floor of a public restroom.