Sea Rocket Bistro: The Land Of The Sea

Being right on the water, San Diego has many great places to eat seafood, but one in particular stands among the pack. Sea Rocket Bistro specializes in phenomenally tasty food, from both the ocean and the land, where executive chef Tommy Fraioli uses a wide variety of seasoning to please all diners. Since opening in 2008, the restaurant has been able to show its guests a great dining experience through the warmest environment, the highest quality service, and the most delicious entrées. 

Sea Rocket Bistro's menu lives up to the hype. With its dinner menu featuring two columns, ocean and land, diners can pick and enjoy their meal preferences.  The starters include steamed or baked oysters, sea urchin seasoned with sea salt and lemon, macaroni made with an assortment of cheeses, as well as a simple cauliflower soup with raisins and smoked chili. The main dishes really bring attention to some truly delightful dishes. Some ocean fan favorites are the baja shrimp served with bacon, peas, and summer truffles along with a sunny side up quail egg, or the sea bass with shallots, potatoes, arugula and mustard sauce. Land classics include braised pork cheeks with peas and fennel in a carrot-honey puree, or the homemade gnocchi with tomatoes and kale in a kale-based pesto sauce. Additionally, some items on the menu cater to vegan diets, like the spicy barbequed seitan.

Fortunately, the restaurant's ambiance feels just as great around you as the food looks on the plate. With an upscale but modern atmosphere, the room is very warm and casually relaxed so you can focus on eating the food. Featured in articles on Eater: San Diego and awarding Fraoili as the 2012 San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival Winner, Sea Rocket Bistro will definitely deliver a memorable and exciting dining experience.