Scientists Try to Recreate Beer From 1840s Shipwreck

New analysis will help researchers make beer from Finnish shipwrecked boat

A beer that's 170 years old? It could happen. After Finnish researchers found two beer bottles from a shipwrecked boat from the 1840s, they now say they may be able to recreate the brew.

The researchers found living bacteria in the beer bottles, which will help them recreate the beer, reports Reuters. Although they said the beer did not "stand the test of time well," they believe the golden-colored brew had traces of rose, almond, and cloves.

The same boat, found in 2010, provided the world's oldest champagne bottle that was still drinkable; the bottle was auctioned off in 2011 for more than $78,000. And the recreation of the 170-year old beer isn't the first time an alcohol has been born from an earlier time: back in January, scientists recreated Ernest Shackleton's scotch, found preserved in Antarctica from 1907.