The Scientifically Perfect Boiled Egg (Updated)

Some science students over at the Sherborne Girls School have discovered the secret behind perfect boiled eggs.

Here's what they found:
• "Margarine makes a stronger dunking soldier than butter"
• "White bread makes more effective soldiers"
• "Optimum toasting time is 2.5 minutes"
• "The perfect soldier dimension is 1.5cm in width"
• "The perfect boiled egg takes six minutes"

But what if people like their egg yolks only slightly runny? What then? And do you count starting from when you put the egg in? When the water boils? And just last year someone reported that it's 4.5 minutes, not six. But if science says it's six minutes, and Delia Smith says six minutes, then it must be true.

Update: After contacting professor Hal Sosabowski, who led the experiment, we've clarified the steps. One large egg should be placed in boiling water and boiled for six minutes. The "soldier," or dipping bread, should be white bread sans crusts, toasted for 2.5 minutes and cut into strips 1.5 centimeters wide.

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