Science Explains Horrible Hangovers

Or, why you're wearing sunglasses at work this Friday

We rarely regret splitting a bottle of red on a Thursday night, but come Friday morning let's just say some of us are seriously on the struggle bus. And why? Going beyond the obvious, The Sci Show breaks down the biology behind a hangover.

The first step? Dehydration. Thanks to alcohol being a diuretic, your body doesn't absorb as much water as you drink, so it starts to steal water from your brain; ouch.

Then, you lose sodium, potassium, and magnesium, plus build up on acetaldehyde, plus ingest plenty of toxins that will end up giving your liver some trouble.

Of course, watch below for the full explanation, and while host Hank says that nothing except time really works to cure a hangover, we still swear by a slice of pizza before liquor and a bagel and coffee in the morning. Healthier folks might tout coconut water and bananas, but we just want all the grease, carbs, and caffeine in the world.