Schools Create Dinner Programs, And More News

The Daily Meal's Media Mix brings you the biggest news around the food world.

Schools Add Dinner Programs: Good news for hungry kids who rely on school-subsidized meals to get by: All 50 states now offer some sort of subsidized dinner program, a result of the recession's impact on child hunger. [NPR/Salt]

Outrage Against Foie Gras Ban: Chef Russel Jackson speaks out against the impending Californian ban on foie gras with a protest dinner called "FU Foie Gras." [Restaurant News]

In Defense of Amateur Food Photography: Now, with Instagram's new deal with Facebook, food photography is only bound to increase; one founder of a food photography app, called Platter, defends the desire to snap a photo at the dinner table. [Guardian]

Food Poisoning Impacts Long-Term Health: Suffered a bad bout of food poisoning a few years ago? While reports of food poisoning are on the rise, new research has found that infections like salmonella can have long-term consequences on health for years to come. [Huffington Post]

Fast Food Goes Green: In an effort to keep customers happy and coming back, fast-food giants like McDonald's and Norway's Max Burgers have made eco-friendly changes to their packaging, ingredient sourcing, and meatless options. [TIME]