School Lunch Blogger Goes Public

The woman who documented a year's worth of school lunches is revealed

A school lunch Mrs. Q had during her year

A while back, news broke of an anonymous blogger who decided to eat school lunches for an entire year. This was at a public school in Chicago, not some fancy private one, so the world got to know the joys of overly processed peanut butter and jelly faux-sandwiches through her blog “Fed Up with Lunch.”

Yesterday, the blogger formerly known as Mrs. Q went public, hyping up the release of her new book. Her name is Sarah Wu, 34, and she is a speech pathologist in the Chicago public school system. Wu ate 162 school lunches, continued her blog, and became an advocate for healthy lunches.

So what’s the book about? Pretty much what the blog is about, except with personalized stories of how the blog affected her life and tips for improving school food. Hopefully in the near future American officials can afford to ban ketchup from lunch because, “children have a tendency to use [ketchup] to mask the taste of whatever they are eating.”

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