School District Wants to Spend $750,000 on Ice Cream

It's low-fat, and it comes in small portions

For some odd reason, the Houston Independent School District decided it would be a good idea to propose spending $750,000 on ice cream, plus $960,000 on pizza for school lunches.

Naturally, there was concern over the proposal, with parents wondering why their precious kids are eating copiuos amounts of sugar, cream, and cheese when they should be eating apples. So when school board trustees brought it up, the defenses were fairly bland: The pizza is actually healthier (with low-fat cheese and a whole-grain crust), and the ice cream is packaged in small servings.

Granted, it's hard to get kids to eat anything sometimes, and even hospitals are having difficulty phasing out fast food in favor of healthier options, but hospitals cater to people going through difficult treatments — we're pretty sure those high-schoolers can do without a bit of ice cream for lunch.