School Children Served Bloody Bagels

Cafeteria worker fired for not reporting accident
Wikimedia/Ezra Wolfe

Two New Jersey students had a ghastly surprise earlier this month when they picked up their breakfast at the school cafeteria and found that their bagels had been splattered with someone else's blood.

According to CBS, the students complained and the issue was tracked back to a cafeteria worker who had cut herself while slicing bagels that morning. The bagels should have been thrown out, but instead they were put out for sale. Twenty-eight bagels were put out, two were spotted and reported, and 10 were recalled after the blood was detected, which leaves sixteen potentially bloodied bagels unaccounted for and possibly eaten, according to Gothamist.

The cafeteria worker was fired after the incident was discovered. According to Pompton Food Service, the school's food service provider, sanitation rules required that the cafeteria worker report the accident, which she did not do. She was also said to be cutting the bagels with a knife instead of a bagel guillotine.

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The fired worker agreed to take a blood test after parents expressed concern, but nothing of concern was discovered.