Cooking Blogs: Scalloped Potatoes And Ham, And More Links

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• A spatch-cooked chicken recipe with Dijon mustard and garlic that makes roasting a chicken easy. [For the Love of Cooking]

• Don't be bested by this mushroom quiche, says Kristen of Smitten Kitchen; her advice for a fluffy quiche is to keep the dough cold. [Smitten Kitchen]

• For a rich dessert, a no-bake chocolate cake with peanut butter lets chocolate lovers decide on the flavor; a mix of dark and milk chocolates, or a rich blend of cocoa. [The Stone Soup]

• A variation of the tres leches cake, the coconut tres leches cupcake is a soft-soaked cake topped with whipped cream. [How Sweat It Is]

• Still craving Easter ham? Try scalloped potatoes and ham for dinner; with Cheddar cheese and onions, the potatoes are a hit. [Pioneer Woman]