Say Goodbye to Phat Thai…But Hello to Harman’s

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The Cherry Creek restaurant is moving away, and in its place is something completely different
Denver Life Magazine

The phrase “easy come, easy go” applies to a lot of situations in life, but it seems especially appropriate in the case of Denver’s Phat Thai. Indeed, it’s closing its doors June 15, Eater has reported, but chef Mark Fischer, who opened the restaurant originally, is determined that it will rise again – but somewhere else. And something new will take its old place, too.

The plan is to move Phat Thai’s second location to a smaller and more intimate setting, and this comes a mere two years after the place moved to Cherry Creek from its original original location in Carbondale. According to the restaurant’s website, the Cherry Creek incarnation was “where ‘hole in the wall noodle joint and lounge meets something a little more sophisticated,” and presumably, that vibe is intended to live on wherever Phat Thai goes next, just in a space that seats about 60 people.

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For the old, larger, soon-to-be-vacant space, Fischer has a definite plan: opening in the near future will be Harman’s Eat and Drink, a new restaurant focusing on Western American cuisine and named quite interestingly after Edwin P. Harman, a Denverite and one of the initiators of the ZIP code. After a moderate renovation of the old Phat Thai building involving some cosmetic changes, Fischer hopes to have Harman’s up and running by the end of June.