Say Cheese With These 5 Party Ideas

There's no one way to enjoy cheese. In fact, we can't even decide what the best way is to enjoy cheese. While some argue that a grilled cheese is best, others will say macaroni, and though we definitely have our favorites here at The Daily Meal, we're not biased — the more cheese the better.

So, to make the most of National Cheese Day, we've brewed up some party ideas to keep guests nibbling away!

Pairing Party!

Pair cheese with beer, wine, or even liquor. Host a party where guests vote beforehand on their favorite kinds of cheese, then do some research on which work well with what beverages. Mix in some charcuterie, olives, and various types of breads and crackers and that is a party that will never end — well, not until the place goes dry!


There are at least 1,000 different mac and cheese recipes, and that's just off the top of our heads. Host a "mac-luck," where everyone brings their signature cheesy dish to show off to the rest of the party, whether it's a recipe they learned from their mom or something out of their favorite cookbook. Crown a winner with a cheese hat à la the Green Bay Packers. Brilliant idea — we know.

Grilled Cheese Bash

Again, the possibilities are endless. Gather up different loaves of bread, various blocks of the good stuff sliced, and all the favorite fixings like bacon, tomato, avocado, and you're set. Don't forget spreads and tapenades, too, like chipotle or garlic aioli for a truly unique flavor.

Fondue Fete

Grab mini fondue sets and set up different stations at your party. Match different pots of cheese with appropriate dippers, like beer cheese and soft pretzels and pepper jack with chorizo.

A Cheese Ball 

No pun intended — well, maybe just a little bit. This party will definitely push the limits of creativity. Again we find ourselves in a boundless situation. There are tons upon tons of different types of cheese balls. Some savory and some are sweet, some are crunchy, while others are smooth spreaders. In any case, we're sure there's a recipe floating around somewhere in your family and with your friends, too. Round 'em up and have guests bring them over for a cocktail party. Watch cheesy movies while you're at it — it's only right.