Saturday Night Live's Stefon Says Goodbye, Recommends One Last Awesome Bar

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Stefon's awesome goodbye includes a wedding, Anderson Cooper, and DJ Baby Bok Choy
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Stefon says goodbye.

Still can't believe Bill Hader — and with him, beloved New York City correspondant "Stefon" — is leaving Saturday Night Live? We're still torn up about it (and effectively have no idea which hottest clubs to visit in New York City now). Fortunately, this weekend's Weekend Update sign off from Stefon was just about perfect. 

We won't give too much away about how Stefon's story ends (a wedding? Anderson Cooper? Smurfs?) but we can tell you that it's pretty great. And Stefon's last bar recommendation had us in tears, for many reasons. From Eater: "New York's hottest club is PANTS. Located on that fake street from Seinfeld, this bed bug bridal barn finally answers the question, 'Y'all ready to play the Feud?' This place has everything: hopscotch, double dutch, Oogieloves, sling and mesh bladder implants, the table from Charlie Rose... The bouncer is a king-size lesbian who looks like Phil Jackson. And the password is 'SCOTTY.' And if that isn't enough for you, you can hit the dance floor with a room full of human magic eightballs... it's that thing, of when you ask a question, so you shake a midget until he says, 'Ask again later.'" 

Eater also notes that over Hader's eight seasons, Stefon appeared 15 times on Weekend Update. Thanks for the memories, Stefon; check out the clip below. 

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