Sacha Baron Cohen Spills Bisquick Ashes on Ryan Seacrest and More News

In today's Media Mix, Oscars mix-ups, gourmet popcorn, plus a Guy Fieri credit card
Media Mix
Arthur Bovino

Media Mix

The Daily Meal brings you the biggest news from the food world.

Sacha Baron Cohen Spills "Ashes" at Oscars: Whoops! The actor, in full dictator getup to promote his upcoming film, decided to "accidentally" tip over an urn with Kim Jong-il's face on it, spilling "ashes" (or later referred to as Bisquick) on host Ryan Seacrest. Seacrest looked pissed, while Tina Fey mock bowed. [E!, Buzzfeed]

Speaking of the Oscars, Here's What Wolfgang Puck Wore: It's black and white and futuristic-looking. [International Business TImes]

Popcorn Gets an Upgrade: Apparently, there's something called "Popcornopolis" in Los Angeles, plus flavors like bourbon, curry, and strawberries and cream. No wonder gourmet popcorn was considered a top five trend to watch at the specialty food trade show. [NPR]

Somebody Has Guy Fieri on His Credit Card: A crazy fan who took a photo with the rambunctious chef decided to imprint the photo on his credit card. [Twitter/Guy Fieri]

Latina Chefs Are the Next Big Thing: Looks like Latin cuisine is following in the footsteps of Latin-influenced music, with Food Network star Marcela Valladolid and others bringing the cuisine to the spotlight. "Latin cooking is probably becoming more mainstream than it has been in the past," cookbook author Lourdes Castro said. [CBS]