Sandwich Of The Week: Spreads' Hot-Smoked Salmon

The menu board at an inviting new takeout place called Spreads, on the corner of Park Avenue South and 30th Street in Manhattan, goes in two directions: The sandwiches and salads seem indulgent, while the sides and juices suggest healthy living. Think kale, quinoa, and almond nut milk on the virtuous end, and plenty of cheese and meat (bacon included) on the other side. One of the sandwiches is house-roasted beef and aged Cheddar with pickled apples, BBQ potato chips (yes, right in the sandwich), fresh basil and caramelized onions, and roasted garlic aïoli on a toasted pretzel roll. Another one involves dark meat chicken, roasted Aleppo pickled peppers, roasted garlic aïoli, and kale slaw on toasted ciabatta. With sandwiches like this, you'd expect chili cheese fries or at least homemade tater tots — not roasted cauliflower wedges or Brussels sprouts with shallots, honey, and balsamic vinegar.

Our sandwich was applewood hot-smoked salmon and brown sugar bacon with pickled tomato jalapeño salsa, house greens, and mayo-like house spread, again on toasted ciabatta. All sandwiches are made to order here and by the time it was ready — five minutes tops — we were more than eager to dig in. The ingredients went together beautifully, combining delicious sweetness from the bacon with the savory flavor of the salmon, with a kick of heat from the salsa. The house greens and spread filled in the blanks. We can't think of a fresher or more imaginative combination in a sandwich.   


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