Sandwich Of The Week: Noonie's Deli's The Gobbler

The Gobbler from Noonie's Deli, located in Middlebury, Vermont, is perfect for those who love Thanksgiving sandwiches. With this sandwich you can get your turkey and all the fixins in just one bite. Best part? It's available all year so you can have Thanksgiving dinner from Nonnie's whenever you want it.

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The Gobbler ($6.95) presents itself on a hearty white roll. A thick slice of turkey is topped with crunchy lettuce, homemade stuffing, and generous amounts of mayo and cranberry sauce.

The real flavor lies in the homemade stuffing. You know after eating homemade stuffing you just can't go back to the packaged ones; they just aren't even comparable. This stuffing in The Gobbler has perfectly moistened bread of three types: whole wheat, honey oat, and rye bread moistened with onions, celery, and garlic powder as soft as butter. It absorbs the cranberry sauce and mayo, and allows for the taste to seep through and create new combinations of unimaginable flavors.

Then there's the balance between the cool and hot. The cranberry sauce and mayo are both cool while the rest of the toppings are hot. Because of this, you won't be overwhelmed with worrying about burning yourself. Instead, you ask yourself, "why and how is this sandwich so good?!"

Noonie's is one the town favorites, especially for the students. Other menu items include sandwiches like the California Roast Beef, Reuben, and Vermonter, soups, salads, drinks, and desserts.  It's also very family friendly, so you can spend hours there having a good time with good conversation (and good sandwiches, of course).