Sandwich of the Week: Meat Cheese Bread’s The Maple

This Portland sandwich uses bread pudding for bread, and that’s just the beginning

Meat Cheese Bread's Maple

What exactly does it take to be considered a perfect breakfast sandwich? It’s a question that has no correct answer, but The Maple, from Portland, Ore.’s Meat Cheese Bread, is certainly a good place to start.

Our Sandwich of the Week starts with a homemade sausage patty, crisped to a golden brown on the flat-top. This gets topped with oozy, melting spicy cheddar cheese, which gets browned in the broiler, then the whole thing is placed atop some crunchy shaved fennel, which helps cut through the heaviness.

The logical next step would be to place the three ingredients on some sort of a roll, maybe crusty French bread, and call it a day. But no, they’ve gone and elevated this one step further: in lieu of bread, they use bread pudding. Maple-currant bread pudding, to be exact, also browned on the flat-top, and it tastes like the best French toast you’ll ever have. The whole thing costs $7.50, and if you’d like a fried egg on top they’ll be more than happy to oblige for $1 extra.

Be warned, though: you’ll need a knife and fork for this ultimate hangover-buster.



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