Sandwich Of The Week: Holy Schnitzel's Franky Schnitzel

A bite of the "Franky Schnitzel" might make diners say "Holy Schnitzel!" The fast-food kosher restaurant, which has locations in Staten Island, Long Island, and Brooklyn, has been serving schnitzels since 2008.

"We have seven different types of schnitzels where the breadcrumbs and the seasoning are all prepared in different ways," owner Ofeer Benaltaba told The South Shore Standard. "We also have about 20 different types of sauces that we make from scratch."

The "Franky Schnitzel" has a shwarma-seasoned chicken cutlet that's breaded with Italian seasoning and crushed garlic. The cutlet goes inside a baguette and is topped with a choice of lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, fresh or sautéed onions, and a choice of sauce. Sauce options include garlic mayo, jalapeño mayo, honey BBQ, hummus, tahini, cilantro lime, schug (a Middle Eastern hot sauce), and more, making each "Franky Schnitzel" experience a different one.

Aside from the "Franky," Holy Schnitzel keeps it kosher with menu items such as buffalo chicken fingers, pastrami burger, chicken avocado wrap, roasted pepper panini, shwarma sandwich, and more.

You still might want to go for the schnitzel sandwich, since it makes a crispy and filling lunch.

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