Sandwich Of The Week: Grill 'Em All's Behemoth Burger

A burger called Behemoth just begs to be taken on. So you may have already taken notice of this burger while watching the Grill 'Em All guys battle their way to the top of the Flatiron Building where they were eventually crowned the winner of The Food Network's The Great Food Trucks Race. But unless you live in Los Angeles, or caught a burger during one of the challenges the guys faced as they raced across the country, it's likely you haven't been able to sample the burger yourself yet.

You're familiar with the concept– a burger whose buns are two grilled cheese sandwiches. That's right, four pieces of bread. Friendly's has been doing Grilled Cheese BurgerMelts for a while now, or you may have also seen Adam Kuban's Hamburger Fatty Melt, which cites the "Chubby Melt" at the Mossy Creek Cafe in Fisherville, Virginia, as one precursor. 

In this case, Chef Ryan Harkins and Matthew Chernus of Grill 'Em All sidestep a potential problem that could arise from using so much bread, a dry burger. Besides the gooey smoked Cheddar between the slices, there's more shredded cheese atop the burger and apple wood smoked bacon. But what really makes all the meat and bread work are the very wet beer-soaked onions.

Grill 'Em All – (323) 252-5603 – Los Angeles, CA