Sandwich of the Week: Garden Catering's Buffalo Chicken Wrap

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A sandwich that's simple in design, but bold in flavor
Garden Catering
Garden Catering, Old Greenwich, Conn.

Garden Catering

The buffalo chicken wrap at Garden Catering in Stamford, Conn is simple in its design, but bold in flavor. Starting with the foundation, the sandwich is wrapped in a large flour tortilla that maintains an elastic flexibility amongst heavy fillings and plenty of sauce.

Perhaps the most important element of this wrap is the chicken. One of the signature dishes at Garden Catering is their chicken nuggets, which are made from large, tender chunks of breast meat and fried to golden perfection per order. Traditionally the nuggets are tossed in a bag with either fries or cones (tater-tot-sized morsels of fried mashed potatoes) and a sprinkle of Garden Catering's "secret seasoning" (essentially a blend of salt and Cajun spices) — the combination is available in four sizes: the junior, the special, the big boy, and the boss.

To create the wrap, an order of nuggets is fried up and tossed in a bowl with hot sauce, to coat. The tangy chicken is then piled onto the warm tortilla, topped with bleu cheese dressing (or ranch, if you request it) and rolled up. It's as simple as that, no other fixings are included. For an extra crunchy adventure, ask for a side of fries to be added into the wrap. For the traditionalists out there, this wrap is also available on a roll instead.

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