Sandwich of the Week: Friedman's Lunch's B.E.L.T.

Hearty, homestyle breakfast meets light market meal in this Chelsea Market standout
Yelp/Jonathan C.

The dining room at Friedman's Lunch in Manhattan.

Located within Manhattan’s Chelsea Market, Friedman’s Lunch is a rare location where both quality and economy work in tandem. Amid the buzz of shoppers in the market, Friedman’s Lunch offers a brief respite from the chaos, creating a relaxed home feel through its rustic, wood-paneling features and chalkboard menu. Named for its lunch, it’s surprising to find that one its most mouthwatering items comes from the brunch menu: the B.E.L.T.

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Much tastier than its menswear accessory namesake, the B.E.L.T. combines the best of homestyle breakfast with the light flavor of an expedient market lunch. The crunchy, applewood-smoked bacon complements the toasted sourdough bread and is completed with two organic, over-easy eggs. Topped off with lettuce and tomato, the securing feature of the sandwich lies in the delicious herb aioli, bringing a refreshing note of lightness to an otherwise hearty meal.

The freedom of the sandwich is its ability to be tailored to every diner’s tastes: without tomato, with slices of avocado, or with extra, extra bacon. However it’s enjoyed, the B.E.L.T. is a go-to choice for Chelsea Market shoppers looking to kick-start their morning. And the ingredient you can never go wrong with? A large cup of pre-shopping coffee.  


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