Sandwich Of The Week: Flour Bakery's Grilled Tofu Sandwich

I know what you're thinking. How could a grilled tofu sandwich possibly be a dish worth noting? Somehow the magicians over at Flour Bakery in the South End neighborhood of Boston have made it so. The tofu is sliced into half-inch thick sheets and grilled lightly, so that the outside is crisp and the inside is still creamy. Usually when tofu is prepared as simply as it is here, the flavor is nonexistent — however, in this case it is boldly seasoned with salt and pepper, and gets a citrusy kick from a squeeze of lemon. 

Enough about the sandwich (as delicious as it is), the star of the show at Flour Bakery is the sticky buns. These are the kinds of buns that you'll want to eat with a fork. They're just too messy to pick up with your hands. The soft, elastic dough, which has a subtle yeasty flavor, is baked and then coated with a syrupy brown glaze that tastes like caramel. Topping off the bun is a blanket of chopped, roasted pecans. 

The atmosphere at Flour Bakery is like an upscale coffee shop. At one end of the eatery is the bakery counter, which is lined with stacks of the pastries, cakes, cookies, and other confections being sold that day. Venture down to the other end of the shop and you'll find rows of wooden tables. But good luck finding a seat — it's always crowded. 

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