Sandwich of the Week: Denver’s Marczyk Fine Foods’ Parisian

The market Marczyk Fine Foods in Denver is serving a sandwich that is a taste of Paris

Marczyk Fine Foods bakes their own baguettes on the premises.

I have written before about the importance of great, homemade bread, and how it can play a key role in the making of an epic sandwich. Marczyk Fine Foods in Denver understands this culinary tenet, and so bakes its own baguettes on the premises. This allows the market to produce a delicious sandwich called The Parisian.

Made up of French ham and Belletoile brie on a lightly buttered Marczyk-made baguette, their website notes that this is “The sandwich that made [them] famous.” It’s like an advertisement for some of the specialty items the market sells in its deli, as the establishment is known as a top-notch purveyor of fine meats and cheeses throughout the town and on the internet. Besides scoring rave reviews on Yelp, Marczyk Fine Foods and the Parisian have both garnered accolades from critics; the sandwich was included on William Porter of the Denver Post’s list of tasty sandwiches in the city. So if you’re in Denver and fancy an authentic bite of Paris, make sure to head to Marczyk Fine Foods for their Parisian sandwich.


Kate Kolenda is the Restaurant/City Guide Editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @BeefWerky and @theconversant.