Sandwich Of The Week: Bay Cities' Poorboy Sandwich

Located in Santa Monica, Calif., Bay Cities makes some amazing sandwiches. The best one on their menu, though, is arguably the Poorboy Sandwich.

As you take a bite into it, you can taste each layer of flavor. On the bottom are the two slices of bologna, cotto salami, and Swiss cheese, then come onions, pickles, tomatoes, lettuce, and hot peppers. With a generous amount of mayo, mustard, and Italian dressing all mixed together and slathered on top, the Poor Boy has the perfect balance between savory, sweet, moist, and dry.

The bread is homemade and is golden brown on the outside and a soft off-white color on the inside. It's not too crunchy, but not too soft; just the right texture.

There's simply no other way to prepare this delicacy, so, don't even think about heating it. The sandwich is only served cold.

Bay Cities is an Italian Deli & Bakery that is best known for Italian, Greek, and Middle Eastern Foods. Their menu ranges from other sandwiches to salads, traditional Italian sides, and condiments.

Open since 1925, the place is no hidden gem: it's packedĀ  practically every day. Take a number and be prepared to wait. So get there early, because this sandwich is worth every minute.