Sandwich Of The Week: Monty's Sunset's Lobster BLT

Lobster: many ears perk up when that word is uttered, particularly in cities and towns located on waterfronts that are home to these delectable crustaceans. Bacon, of course, is another ingredient that gets most Americans — food lovers or not — all hot and bothered. Monty's Sunset, located in Miami Beach, has combined these two gastronomic all-stars on one sandwich to make a lobster BLT that has garnered quite a bit of love from those in the know.

The sandwich is a double-decker, so there are two layers of nicely-sized chunks of fresh lobster, strips of bacon, the obligatory lettuce and tomato, and lemon aioli. Sure, there's a New England lobster roll on the menu, but doesn't bacon make everything better? Apparently, there are many who think so, as the sandwich was included on Thrillist's 2013 list of Miami's Best Sandwiches, and it has also garnered further internet approval from devoted food fans like Adventures of the Foodaholic. Perhaps soon, other restaurants around the country will take notice of the lobster BLT's popularity and include their own pork-and-lobster marriages on their menus. We can only hope.

Kate Kolenda is the Restaurant/City Guide Editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @BeefWerky and @theconversant.