Sandra Lee Reportedly Working on 2 New Shows

The food personality is allegedly planning on a cocktail show and cooking show

Sandra Lee

New York's de facto first lady Sandra Lee may be notoriously tight-lipped about her relationship, but sources say that she's at least becoming more accessible through television.

The New York Post reports that Lee is working on two new shows: Restaurant Remakes for Food Network, and Cocktail Club for Cooking Channel.

The former reportedly involves Lee recreating signature dishes from top eateries. We'd like to see her try Keller's oyster and pearls, although perhaps the dishes will be of the Red Lobster cheese biscuits variety.

Cocktail Club will bring Lee around "hot spots" in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and New York, showing her fun side, perhaps. According to the Post, Lee will be trying out drinks and demonstrating how to make them; let's hope she gets properly soused on at least one episode (and then she talks about hangover cures and demonstrates how to cook with a raging headache). Too bad it's not reality TV.