Sandra Lee on Female Empowerment

She talks buying power and Governor Cuomo’s favorite dish
Sandra Lee
Wikimedia Commons/David Shankbone

Sandra Lee

Yesterday, the television cook spoke at a panel on female empowerment at New York University. Here’s a breakdown:

On gender roles at home: For Lee, men are expected to help out at home, especially the dishes. First the forbidden chocolate box, now the household duties? What's a boyfriend (well, Governor Andrew Cuomo) to do? Use the slow cooker. “It’s the new favorite thing,” Lee said, “because it’s only one” dish to wash.

On female empowerment: “The women are at an advantage — we represent the buying power in this country,” Lee said. She claims that she never felt the “glass ceiling” effect, but she also added that “if you’ve attended the Cordon Bleu, you would know that no woman is supposed to be a chef — only men.”

On getting what you want: “But you have to want it,” she said. “You have to have the eye of the tiger, and you have to do it every single day.”

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