Sandra Lee Defends Her Kwanzaa Cake, Calls Out Bourdain's 'Shtick'

We may not love her semi-homemade cooking, but she sure is good with the press

Sandra Lee

Over at The New York Times, Sandra Lee got grilled by Andrew Goldman, and while the tough TV personality was a difficult interview (you can just tell from the story itself), we do get a glimpse of what her life is like.

First up? Her often-mocked Kwanzaa cake, using apple-pie filling, corn nuts, and pumpkin seeds. "Which are for the season, right? Kwanzaa is about harvest. I celebrate every holiday," she replies.

And her response to Bourdain's quip about the cake being a crime to humanity is equally sharp. "It’s shtick. That’s how some people get their press. There are 17 million children in this country going hungry every day, and we’re worried about my Kwanzaa cake from 10 years ago? That’s what I think is ridiculous. Yes, I can laugh about it."

Head on over to The New York Times for more, especially when they start talking politics and the possibility of her boyfriend, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, running for president. "Is this an interview about me or Andrew?" she ends up asking.